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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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2022/07/16Added "KiwiSDR" page to ZL2JA web. Links to the remote SDR receiver. Sub-domain assigned to the Wanganui remote SDR's IP address.
2021/06/15Updated Front page Officials List, changed "Next Meeting" PHP to now include July, updated text re same on Meetings Page.
2020/11/20Updated Wanganui Award Address.
2020/10/11Updated the Club Officials for 2020-2021 on the Home Page.
2020/09/03Added Don Chisholm, ZL2JA to the Silent Keys Page.
2020/04/15Club Weekly Net page updated.
2019/12/12A bit of an update of the 690 repeater on the repeaters Page including details of the "Great Western Link"
2019/03/25Updated the Links Page, Removed/Changed/Upadated etc. Things change!
2019/03/12Tidied up the HTML code on the first few months of 2017 meeting minutes. Work in progress, some 2008 pages need looking into too.
2019/03/06Trying to fix a strange bug that causes an "500 Internal Server Error" message with the CMS, on save, if a certain word is used in the text. Anyway sorted a workaround for now... (Helps that I now know what in the text was doing it!)
2019/02/17Have been doing quite a bit of tidying up around zl2ja.org.nz.
Some links needed updating, as some external sites have changed the way they work.
Using a different API/site (widget?) on the main page for the local Wanganui weather.
Now forcing HTTPS (encription) on all of zl2ja.org.nz from now on.
Made and uploaded a cleaner banner for the History Page's "front door".
2019/02/10Finish off the SK page for Strath ZL2AAJ Had been half done for a while. (Sorry about that Strath.)
2019/01/31Updated the Club Officials for 2018-2019 ("Home Page") bit late with this update, time goes too quick!
2019/01/01Updated and fixed the links to Google Maps ("Where We Are") showing club rooms location.
2017/12/09Added Link to ZL2JA on Facebook onto footer. Removed Link to the BBClone web tracker.
2016/10/08Updated Officals list on front page
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