Wanganui Branch History

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At the March 1961 meeting a suggestion was put forward that Mrs Sutherland of Gt North Road be made a life member of the Branch. This was carried. At the April meeting members were informed that the Branch had been allocated a frequency of 84.8 Mcs for use at future rowing regattas. The max input to the final being limited to 1 Watt and the transmitter to have an order of stability such is laid down in the regulations.

A note was made that the minutes of the June ‘61 meeting were not available ‘due to the previous Secretary Mr Gosnell, ZL2AQO, not having made notes.’ A letter from the Secretary Earl Gosnell tendering his resignation was received (and accepted) at the July meeting. A statement by Auditor Bruce Barkman was read. Enquires had been made with NZART H/Q concerning remittances to them, following complaints from members. The President and committee were continuing enquiries re payment for which there appeared no proper accounting. The Branch had also provided comms for the NZ Horse Trials at Fordell.

Annual Wanganui Junk Sale
The August meeting set a date of Saturday September 16 1961 for what was to become the FIRST ANNUAL Junk Sale of the Wanganui Branch; to be held in the Druids Hall. (This Hall proved to be unavailable and the venue was changed to the Buffalo Hall in St Georges Gate.) The President reported that all monies had been recovered from the previous Secretary and the Club was now in a good financial position!

Club House
At the October 1961 meeting the acting President, Mac ZL2HM, outlined to members the proposed project of a Clubhouse and told members of steps already taken. He then read a letter to the Deerstalkers Association informing them of our interest and co-operation in building with them on their site. The meeting then decided that “if both committees were in agreement that a deputation before the Mayor would be the best that we could do with the intention of securing a section for a clubhouse.”

It was then reported that the Junk Sale profits were approx 19 pounds ($38:00) clear. November saw the Branch writing a letter of apology to the Deerstalkers expressing “our regret” for the publication in the paper re joint clubrooms. It was reported that the Council will pay for water, drainage and power connections and that there would be plenty of room for aerials at the new clubrooms.

At the December meeting Russell ZL2AXN drew attention to the fact that the callsign ZL2RW (Radio Wanganui) was vacant and thought the Branch should try and obtain it. This was agreed to. Unfortunately ZL2WR had been re-allocated and so R.I. Mr Jim Lonsdale ZL2OS forwarded the call-sign of ZL2BAW free of charge to the Branch.

At the March 1962 meeting members decreed that the Junk Sale should be held in May so that “Farmers from distant places will be able to attend.” At the April meeting of that year, members were informed that the Junk Sale would be held at St Peter’s Church on 26th May and the commission on goods sold would be 15%.

The Branch then set up a TVI Committee consisting of ZLs 2AAJ, 2JA, 2HM and 2AMZ to liaise with the P.O. Members were informed that the Council still had not bulldozed the site and ZL2AAJ said that his firm had a building that it wanted to get rid of and that it would be an ideal clubhouse. It would have to be moved in one piece. ZL2HS said he would have a look at it and let the President know of its general condition.

The August ‘62 meeting was told that the Deerstalkers had not yet started the building although the Council had bulldozed the site. It was suggested that members unable to do any manual work to give a monetary donation so they could feel that they had contributed something to the project.

November 1962 notice was received of a gift of 200 Kar Phones to AREC from Automatic Telephone Electric Co.

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